Wiegenlied / Schubert

6月 21, 2021

Lullaby has been composed by many musicians, so I thought about playing various lullabies.
This piece is a piano-arranged version of Schubert's Lullaby (D498, Op.98-2) by Takashi Yoshimatsu.
I thought that the variation that was quietly spreading out while keeping the beauty of the original song was a wonderful arrangement.
I hope this music could help you to fall asleep when you are having a hard time at bedtime. Try the loop option.(When using a computer, right-click on the movie will show the loop option)
Please enjoy.
一曲目は、シューベルトの子守唄(D498,Op.98-2)の吉松 隆によるピアノアレンジ版です。
여러 작곡가의 자장가를 연주해보고 싶었습니다. 이번엔 요시마츠 타카시 편곡의 슈베르트의 자장가(D498,Op.98-2)입니다.
원곡의 아름다움을 유지하면서 조용하게 전개되는 변주가 멋진 편곡이라고 생각합니다.
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