Lightning’s Theme – Piano Collections FINAL FANTASY XIII –

10月 6, 2020

Lightning, who cares for her younger sister very much, is not only beautiful but also strong and cool.I think this fabulous piece which is expressing the beauty and the passions, is just the right music for Lightning. Please enjoy this song, which is also familiar as the music "Blinded By Light" used in the battle scene, with 4K video / high-resolution sound quality.
아름답고 강인하고 멋진 동생을 위하는 라이트닝. 그런 그녀에게 어울리는 이 테마곡도 아름다움과 정렬을 겸비한 멋진 곡입니다. 배틀씬의 ‘섬광’으로 익숙해진 이곡을 4K/Hi-Res오디오로 감상해주세요.