hand of fate / Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 (SHIN EVANGELION)

9月 20, 2021

From the CD "Shiro SAGISU Music from 'SHIN EVANGELION' ", which is a collection of songs used in Shin Evangelion, I played the song "hand of fate” by ear and arranged it into a piano solo.
This song was played in the scenes of Rei Ayanami's life in the village and the scenes when she worries and visits Shinji, who had run away from home, to give him something to eat. Asuka who secretly watches over Shinji and Ayanami also caught my eyes.
シン・エヴァンゲリオンの劇中使用楽曲を集めたCD『Shiro SAGISU Music from “SHIN EVANGELION”』より、hand of fateという曲を耳コピし、ピアノソロにアレンジして演奏してみました。お楽しみください。
신 에반게리온 극장판에 사용된 곡을 모은 앨범 ‘Shiro SAGISU Music from “SHIN EVANGELION”’에서 “hand of fate”이라는 곡의 악보를 따서 피아노 솔로 편곡을 해보았습니다.

아야나미의 마을에서의 생활의 신과 신지가 걱정이 되어 때때로 먹을 것을 가져다주는 신에서 흘렀던 노래입니다. 둘을 몰래 엿보는 아스카도 인상적이었습니다.