Gnossienne No.3 Érik Alfred Leslie Satie

10月 12, 2020

At the 1889 World's Fair in Paris, it is said that musicians in Paris were exposed to foreign music and their subsequent music style was greatly influenced by it.
In 1890, Gnossiennes No. 1 to 3 "Three Gnossiennes", composed by 24-year-old Satie, were not only sounded different from Western music until then but also can feel the atmosphere of the Mysticism that seemed to be influenced by Joséphin Péladan who was the founder of the secret society 'Salon de la Rose + Croix' whom Satie was really into at that time.
Please enjoy the unique sound with high resolution sound quality.

1889년 파리 박람회에서 파리의 음악가들은 이국의 음악을 접하게되서 이후의 작품에 많은 영향을 받게되었다고 합니다.
1890년에 24세의 사티가 작곡한 그노시엔느1번~3번, 즉 ’3개의 그노시엔느’는 그 때까지의 서양음악과 다른 분위기인 것은 물론이고 사티가 당시 빠져있었던 비밀결사’장미십자단’의 창설자 조세핀 펠라당으로부터의 영향이라고 볼 수 있는 신비주의의 분위기를 엿볼 수 있습니다.
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