Energy Flow

3月 25, 2021

This music became popular because it was used for TV commercials in Japan. This single was the first instrumental music to become No. 1 on the domestic charts and was sold over million copies.
I think it is wonderful music that was well blended with pop melody, and harmonies that were often used by Debussy. Please enjoy.
일본에서 CF에서 사용되어 유명해진 곡입니다. instrumental music으로서는 처음으로 일본 국내 차트 1위가 된 곡 밀리언을 달성한 곡입니다.
팝스러운 멜로디와 드비쉬의 화음이 잘 융합된 멋진 곡이라고 생각합니다.